Kimono Now

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“Inspired by an Itchiku Kubota exhibition at the Smithsonian, they saw that the kimono silhouette was perfect for their weave and landscape motifs.

Kimono Now hardback published by Prestel May 2015

Arabella Magazine

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“For these youthful, innovative artists, it’s all about chemistry. In life, love and art.” “a passion for art and science caused a powerful reaction between the pair when their paths converged, two decades ago.” “Today, Markow & Norris have risen to prominence as an elite team in the world of glass art.”

Arabella Magazine Spring/Summer 2014

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Richmond Magazine

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“Despite – and, indeed, because of – their enormous success, ‘they’ rarely present their work to the public; in a typical year, they exhibit their exquisite hand-woven glass sculptures only once, spending most of their time working on a four- to six-month waiting list of commissions.”

Richmond Magazine April 2014


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“The duo met in 1994.” “Twenty years later, Markow & Norris have been kicking some ass in the art world. There has been a waiting list of at least six months for a Markow & Norris woven glass sculpture for about ten years now.” March 26, 2014

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Smithsonian Associates Home/Studio Tour

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Markow & Norris Smithsonian Associates

Saturday, July 13, 2013 (Second and Third tour dates possible)

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Markow & Norris offer a preview of Summer Zenith, the final in their series of four life-size woven-glass kimonos representing the seasons. Take advantage of the opportunity to see this striking sculpture before it leaves the area, as well as the many pieces of woven glass displayed throughout Eric and Thom’s home and studio in Bowie, Maryland.

Read about the entire day of studio tours