“The beautiful ‘Confetti‘ bowl arrived. It is absolutely exquisite! Thank you so very much. It is one of the most beautiful pieces of art I have ever encountered.”

Marc Wigler (collector)
Chicago, Illinois

 “It is Beautiful!! Our ‘Spring to Autumn‘ bowl arrived today. We love the colors, we love every color in it. The oranges, the reds, the deep deep purples and burgundies and we love the green with the gold in it. It is sitting on the furniture we had made for it under the sky light and we are still debating whether to display it with all the stripes going horizontally, vertically or diagonally. We think diagonally is the best with your signature in the lower right hand corner. It is gorgeous! Thank you so much!”

Joe Anatra & Lucas Aragon (collectors)
Los Angeles, California

“Well, what can we say, good things come to those who wait! ‘Confetti‘ is truly shocking! It is more beautiful than we could have imagined. The colors, shape and craftsmanship of the bowl are truly amazing and it looks so beautiful in our living room. Thank you both very much!! We know you guys will become very successful as you have created one of the most unique processes we’ve ever seen when it comes to glass. Good luck. Thanks again!!”

David Freedman & David Alexander (collectors)
New York, New York

“From the moment I first saw the creations of Eric and Thom I was completely engrossed and captivated by their uniqueness. Talking with the artists, I became further intrigued about the journey they had traveled in the development process. The “Ruby Magic Carpet” was created based on a piece I really liked. I was truly impressed, and appreciated the energy behind the art and artists.” I am definitely a big fan and only wish I had the space…to afford more.”

Alan J. Kick (collector)
Alexandria, Virginia

“I had the privilege of meeting Eric & Thom and purchasing ‘Constructing Sunset‘ at their first show. The beauty, texture and vibrancy of their woven glass sculpture affected me so much that it took hours to decide which piece to buy. I wish I could have purchased them all. ‘Constructing Sunset‘ is full of movement and life. It reaches out and pulls me into the paradise I see within it. Its colors invigorate me. It is one of my most prized possessions. Since Katrina, I have been cheered daily by Eric’s & Thom’s art. It inspires and enables me to cheer others on, as we work to rebuild beautiful New Orleans and the rest of the Gulf Coast.”

Theresa Counce (collector)
Burtonsville, Maryland & New Orleans, Louisiana

“With focus and determination, Eric & Thom have developed a unique and technically difficult process. By pushing the material beyond our conventional expectations and by blending and creating luscious color palettes with the skill of a painter, their final sculptural forms intrigue and delight the viewer on many levels. I have seen the progress from their first warm glass explorations to their well deserved success as studio artists. Working together, they have created an exceptional body of work.”

Nancy Weisser (artist, collector, educator, owner Weisser Glass Studio)
Kensington, Maryland

“We wanted to make a purchase together that would soon be a part of our new home. We took our time and waited to find something that spoke to both of us. When we saw Thom & Eric’s woven glass (Bloodlines), it did more than speak to us, it touched us. We are very fortunate to have found a piece of art that is equally cherished.”

Eddie Penn & Brian Gorman (collectors)
New York, New York

“I was thrilled to become an owner of a Markow & Norris. I adore ‘Amber Waves.’ It is a stunning sculpture and I am so very fortunate to have it in my home! I am quite impressed with Eric’s & Thom’s eye for color and design. Their technical skill is on par with the finest warm glass artists internationally. I hope to see Markow & Norris sculpture in galleries for years to come.”

Eileen Martin (collector, artist, co-chairman of the Creative Crafts Council)
Germantown, Maryland

“We received our ‘Spring to Autumn‘ bowl yesterday in perfect condition. It is spectacular! Thank you.”

Irene Goldsmith (collector)
Palm Beach Gardens, Florida

“…you’d think they invented the wheel and lip gloss. I love their work and have admired it for some time. Is it Beautiful?, Yes. Is it distinctive in style and form?, Yes.”

Faye M. (glass artist)
St. Louis, Missouri

“I give them an A+ for composition and construction…the perfection of an artistic ideal. Markow & Norris’ idea of woven glass is totally black tie.”

Joseph Edmunds (artist)
Birmingham, Alabama

“What creative and beautiful interpretations and designs!”

Susan Cox (architect)
Mt. Kisco, New York

“I’ve seen a lot of glass over the years, and I still can get excited to see what is possible in the hands of young talented artists.”

Brock Craig (renowned glass artist)
Vancouver, BC, Canada

“I had the pleasure of meeting Eric & Thom at the Philadelphia Buyer’s Market of American Craft back in August (05). To see and feel their work in person is breathtaking. From a distance their glass appears to be actual fabric. The glass is so tightly woven that you can barely see light through the strands. Their work is pure perfection. Not only are they talented, but they are “generous of spirit.”

Desh (glass artist)
Egg Harbor Twp, New Jersey

“Eric & Thom’s work is not only about the weaving. It’s about color sense and composition and so much more. Any work that is only done as an exercise in technique will fall flat in comparison to work that is done with intent and conscious attention to the many factors of good design.”

Flo Vazquez (oil painter)
Austin, Texas

“I see some pretty amazing technical skill being displayed…something amazing and fabulous and artful. Markow & Norris have worked hard to accomplish the colors and the technical tightness of these woven pieces. They have a particular texture and rhythm to them that goes beyond the ordinary glass you see out there, and they have a focus on this process that has taken them to a place of mastery that is remarkable. Good solid…successful…body of work.”
…how brilliant their accomplishments.

Cynthia Oliver (glass artist)
Salt Lake City, Utah

“I know how much time Eric and Thom have spent perfecting their technique so that their glass is as tightly woven as fabric. Few will have the patience to master it. Eric and Thom have also, through significant experimentation with color, taken the palette of commercial glass available and multiplied it a thousand fold. Their work is sublime.”

Barbara Muth (glass artist)
Fairfax, Virginia

“I had the pleasure of meeting Thom and Eric at the Philadelphia Buyer’s Market of American Craft (Feb 05) and drooling over their pieces. The web site has great photo’s that do not do justice to the work.”

Nancy B (artist)
Carroll County, Maryland